Accessories DMX-512
  • RDM Commander is a testing tool for LED luminaires. It can be used to test every parameters of the DMX 512 and DMX. 1000K signals, as well as the functions of the moving heads. Meanwhile, this unit can also be used as a RDM controller. The RDM commander is including flightcase and power adapter but can also be operated wireless due to the built-in accu.

    369,00 €
  • The Showtec RDM Touch is the most ultimate tool for every lighting technician. With its versatile functions and user-friendly 6-button + full-color TFT touch screen display, the RDM Touch is fully equipped to measure, test, and troubleshoot any application with DMX controlled lighting. This unit can be used for testing 3 and 5-pin cables, test midi...

    395,00 €
  • Showtec RDM Commander MKII DMX/RDM + Midi

    314,00 €
  • The Showtec DMX Recpack 4 is a combination of a DMX recorder, a switch pack and a programmable trigger with timer function. It has 4 individual programmable DMX and switch outputs. Each DMX output can play pre-recorded scenes or shows. Besides the 4 DMX outputs it also has 4 switchable 230V outputs. Each 230V output has its own individual current monitor...

    346,00 €
  • The TR-512 is a compact but very powerful tool in order to trigger any lightshow or scene in a simple way. The TR-512 can record and playback several DMX shows which can be stored on a micro-SD card. Shows can be playbacked by 6 external triggers. Each trigger can start either a show or scene. Each show can be played back in a loop mode or single play....

    144,00 €
  • DMX terminator 3 poles SDMX-3

    18,00 €
  • 72CH. DMX/Analog 3 & 5p XLR

    176,00 €
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