DMX Controller

In this category you will find equipment for controlling the light show. These devices use electronic protocol DMX (Digital Multiplex) used in lighting.

DMX Controller
  • My DMX 3.0 Update: The “December 22, 2016” update to myDMX 3.0 (MAC & PC) provides bug fixes and overall enhancements. Click on the Downloads section to get the free software upgrade.

    193,00 €
  • MIDICON-2™ is a professional USB powered controller which can be used to control lighting, video or audio software and/or hardware using Midi protocol. A Midi Mapper Software is provided, to assign Midi channels and notes to each button, fader or encoder. An updated design from the original MIDICON™ controller, the MIDICON-2™ features tactile spring...

    598,00 €
  • The LED-Foot 4 is another innovative LED controller designed and developed by Showtec. It offers you total control to 4 groups of LED Parcans. Due to the fact that all channels are patchable, the LED-Foot can work with any LED fixture in the market

    81,00 €
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