DMX Controller

In this category you will find equipment for controlling the light show. These devices use electronic protocol DMX (Digital Multiplex) used in lighting.

DMX Controller
  • My DMX 3.0 Update: The “December 22, 2016” update to myDMX 3.0 (MAC & PC) provides bug fixes and overall enhancements. Click on the Downloads section to get the free software upgrade.

    193,00 €
  • MIDICON-2™ is a professional USB powered controller which can be used to control lighting, video or audio software and/or hardware using Midi protocol. A Midi Mapper Software is provided, to assign Midi channels and notes to each button, fader or encoder. An updated design from the original MIDICON™ controller, the MIDICON-2™ features tactile spring...

    598,00 €
  • The DMX Controller IR RGB is a simple DMX controller which can be operated by an infrared remote controller. You can freely use it to record and play back the DMX signal. The manual mode, automatical mode, DMX signal recording and playback mode are available for DMX Controller IR RGB

    108,00 €
  • The LED-Foot 4 is another innovative LED controller designed and developed by Showtec. It offers you total control to 4 groups of LED Parcans. Due to the fact that all channels are patchable, the LED-Foot can work with any LED fixture in the market

    81,00 €
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