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Guil - ULK 400

ULK 400

LiftingTower. Maximum Height: 5 m / Maximum Load: 200 kg

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  • Maximum Height: 5 m
  • Maximum Load: 200 kg
  • Net Weight: 100 kg
  • Loading Height: 19 cm
  • Folded Dimensions: 570 x 460 x 1680 mm
  • Colour: Aluminium
  • Material: Steel & Alluminio
  • Alloy: EN-AW 6082 T6
  • Welding Process: MIG
  • Complies with: BGV C1 - 2006/42/EC - DIN 56921-11 - DIN 4113-1


The ULK 400 may be small in size but the attention to detail put into its design is vast.

Lifting tower developed for loading heavy weights at a great height. Its user friendly, compact design and great resistance, make the ULK Lift an ideal complement for any kind of event.





ULK 400 is equipped with three safety systems to guarantee maximum reliability and resistance:


1.- It is provided with a CF900 hand winch with automatic braking system. Load remains in position whenever the handle is released. 


2.- ASB System (Automatic Safety Brake): Consisting of safety knobs which permit the user to block and unblock each of the mast sections


3.-  IPB System (Internal Pendular Brake): Consists of an internal pendulum system that is automatically activated on each mast section if they were to suddenly fall which can be easily unblocked by a safety latch on each profile.





For a quick, safe and effortless lifting process our ULK Towers are equipped with a 12AF hand winch with automatic braking system, which stops the load at the desired height when the handles are released. This winch is certified for a maximum load of 1283 kg.




Lifting Tower made out of extruded aluminium sections (Alloy: EN-AW 6082 T6 in accordance with standards UN-EN573/UNE-EN 12020-2). These sturdy sections are extended by means of pulleys with ball bearing and an anti-torsion Ø4 mm galvanized steel wire (Composition: 6x37+1), specially manufactured for lifting loads (DIN 3060).




ULK Lifts are fitted with detachable steel forks (550 x 50 x 50 mm), and has a loading height of 19 cm from the floor which makes its loading effortless. 

The forks have been manufactured with a special reversible design to be able to fix the forks in two different heights, gaining more height when fully extended. The forks also have 2 width positions to adjust to all trussing types





Compact base (570 x 460 mm) manufactured in sturdy steel (ST52-3 DIN-2393) and finished in a textured black powder coating (Epoxy) special for outside use (preventing rusting problems). It is provided with a spirit level, for a proper vertical adjustment of the tower and four heavy-duty swivel castors (Ø100 mm), for easy handling.  Its four detachable legs, manufactured with reinforced steel. Legs come complete with leveller screw jacks that have reinforced spin handles (ergonomic design) with double thread and speed which facilitates the levelling task. Their non-slip foot plates (Ø 150 mm) ensure a perfect adjustment of the tower to the floor surface.  The base is also provided with steel mast braces for greater lift stability and also to protect the aluminium mast sections when the lift is being moved horizontally.




In order to ease its horizontal moving and its loading in vehicles, the ULK Towers have two heavy-duty castors (Ø 100 mm). ULK Lifts are supplied with a quick acting sling to block the lift sections and guarantee safe handling.




Practical adaptor for a quick and secure flying of Line Array systems using ULK lifting towers. It is easily fitted on to the forks for an easy and reliable Line Array installation.




Practical adaptor to fit trusses to ULK lifting towers. 

Its swivel design allows you to position the truss at any angle, offering professionals multiple configurations.




ULK Lifts comply with current safety standards: BGV C1, 2006/42/EC, DIN 56921-11, DIN 4113-1 guaranteeing maximum safety and resistance, complying with the lightweight, sturdiness and manoeuvrability requirements needed to lift audio equipment. Thanks to its easy handling and its simple and quick assembly, ULK Lift can be considered as one of the most convenient and functional lifts on the market. 

Note: For outdoor assemblies, the tower must be secured with slings, wires, strings.. in order to avoid movement caused by windy conditions and guarantee maximum stability.




MAXIMUM HEIGHT: 5 m (16' 4.84")

MAXIMUM LOAD: 200 KG (440.92 lb)





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Guil - ULK 400

Guil - ULK 400

LiftingTower. Maximum Height: 5 m / Maximum Load: 200 kg

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